Tim Tepass

Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker

``Tim was one of the pioneers that help set up Gaming Innovation Group in Malta, laying the foundation for what would in less then for years grow from a small startup to a listed company.``

Robin Reed - Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (Guts.com)

``It’s rare that you come across such a critical thinker like Tim. I am particularly impressed by his fast decision making and the way to communicates with his staff. Tim would be a great asset to any startup or company who needs an innovative mindset.``

Christian Edler – Entrepreneurial Investor

``I met Tim while he was an instructor on growth hacking for Startup Institute and found him to be a rare breed of entrepreneurial, creative spirit plus hard-core, analytical growth hacking. His experience in the acquisition marketing is unparalleled and he's my go-to for all advice about B2C user acquisition.``

Andrew Hoag – Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker